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SEP-OCT 2018

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day as a new day to learn, grow and adapt. The future of space travel is very exciting, and as my career progresses I would like to be part of commercial space travel. I would love to one day pilot spaceships and go into space as part of Virgin Orbit, Virgin Ga lactic, Space X, or Blue Origin. What is the highlight of your career to date? The highlight of my career to date is becoming a commercial pilot despite many setbacks and barriers. From a young age, I was told being a pilot was a man's job, and I was bullied for wanting to be a pilot/astronaut. I worked hard and have proven these people wrong. Having achieved my dream has enabled me to become an active role model on outreach projects and promote the idea of careers in aviation to the younger generation. If I can do it, so can you. Never stop working towards your dreams. What advice do you have for young people looking for a career in aviation today? Make sure you do some research. There are a lot of different routes into aviation. You need to decide what you would like to be a pilot of—whether it's a jet, drone, heli copter, fixed wing, glider, military, or commercial. Research is the key. Have a few trial lessons to see if you can see yourself building a career in aviation before committing. Play video games to improve your hand eye coordination and help with your flying and aptitude selec tion tests when applying to flight train ing organizations. Consider taking your initial pilot medical; this will immediately inform you if you have any restrictions af fecting your ability to become a pilot. There are scholarships and bursaries available. You just need to look and ap ply e.g. check out the scholarships from Women in Aviation International, Brit ish Women's Pilots Association, and Honorable Company of Air Pilots to name a few. Some airlines have sponsorship opportuni ties too, including easyJet's Amy Johnson initiative, British Air ways Future Pilots Program, and Virgin's Future Flyers. Don't give up at the first hurdle. There will be setbacks and re jections, but don't give up. Keep trying, and you will get there. Believe and achieve. ✈ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Elena Lodge is a summer intern with the WAI U.K. Chapter and is looking forward to embarking on a journalism and media relations graduate program in England next year. Debbie EllioƩ, lef, with Tessa Naran Transforming the Future of Aerospace Lauren Trollinger - Aerospace Engineer Aurora Flight Sciences At Aurora, we design, build and fly cool things. We are driving innovation in aerospace by looking past what is expected and reimagining what can be possible. Like Lauren, an engineer on our vertical takeoff and landing aircraft program for urban air mobility, you can be a part of the team that is transorming transportation. Want to see your designs fly? Visit: www.aurora.aero/wai "I enjoy working at Aurora because we're doing things that haven't been done before." Stress is Relative! Memoir of an Air Traffi c Controller In 1981 Ronald Reagan fi red 11,359 striking Air Traffi c Controllers. It took 10 years to rebuild the workforce. This action affected all levels of aviation and offered employ ment opportunities to many who had never before consid ered this line of work as a profession. A struggling single mother of two little girls, Rose Marie Kern heard a report on the late night news about the strike and the government's ongoing efforts to rebuild. With no background in aviation she took a chance and entered a whole new world. Now one of the best known aviation authors in the U.S., Rose Marie's experiences as she faced challenges both in the job and in the attitudes of an entrenched, mostly male work- force make for a story that is inspiring and amusing. In his review, the Editor of Fly-Low Magazine noted the book "shows the other side of ATC like no other person has." He goes on to say "This book would make a great movie!" Stress is Relative is available through Amazon, or you can get an autographed copy through Rose's website: www.rosemariekern.com

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