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MAR-APR 2016

Aviation for Women is the flagship member publication of Women in Aviation International. Articles feature women who have made aviation history, professional development ideas, and current-topic articles.

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30 Aviation forWomen 2 7 T H A N N U A L I N T E R N A T I O N A L W O M E N I N A V I A T I O N C O N F E R E N C E F R I D A Y E D U C A T I O N S E S S I O N S Friday sessions sponsored by Lockheed Martn 3:00–4:00 p.m. RYMAN BALLROOM A Collegiate Series Workshop Judy Tarver Find out how to develop a career as a pilot. Learn strate- gies for setng goals, developing the compettve advan- tage, and approaching your career logically, responsibly, and realistcally. TENNESSEE A Airline Pilot Panel Becky Howell, Moderator This session will explore the training, fight experiences, and job-related challenges of airline pilots. TENNESSEE B Hot Topics in Aviaton Law Alan Farkas Learn more about Pilots Bill of Rights 2, third-class medi- cals, and green smoke. TENNESSEE D Achieving Wildly Improbable Goals Beth E. Stanton For aerobatc pilot Beth Stanton, getng her private pilot certfcate was the most difcult and rewarding accom- plishment. Motvated by a concern for safety, she sought out additonal fight training and inadvertently discov- ered the challenge and thrill of aerobatc fight. Making huge leaps of faith taught her lessons in perseverance, determinaton, and overcoming perceived limitatons. With enough tenacity and patence and a dose of good humor, the wildly improbable goals you dream of can be achieved. LINCOLN A The Benefts and Process of Becoming an Air Force Reserve Pilot Meaghan Camp Have you ever wanted to serve your country, pursue a ca- reer in the civilian sector, and receive some of the best fy- ing training available in the world? Find out why fying for the Air Force Reserves is the military's best-kept secret. LINCOLN E Three Keys to Career Mapping Alicia Lopez Floyd Gain professional and personal development tools and re- sources aimed at atractng, developing, and retaining tal- ent. Those interested in enhancing their skills, knowledge, and abilites should atend. In additon, this session will provide an understanding of development and network- ing opportunites, and inspire atendees to accomplish their development goals. JACKSON B AeroInnovate: Facilitatng Aviaton Innovaton and Entrepreneurship Audra Hoy AeroInnovate helps aviaton and aerospace entrepreneurs bring new technologies to the marketplace. Learn more about what innovatons are changing the aviaton industry and how to bring your next great idea to fruiton. JACKSON F Upset Preventon and Recovery Training (UPRT) Vanessa Christe Both the FAA and NTSB have identfed Loss of Control In- Flight (LOCI) as the No. 1 training gap in the aviaton indus- try today. Our educatonal session will discuss advanced handling characteristcs, stalls, spins, basic aerobatcs, and unusual attudes, but more importantly, many of the recent mistakes that we have witnessed by seasoned pi- lots that will build a picture of common pitalls and ways to avoid them. LOCI accidents can and will be reduced through dedicated fight academics, dynamic airborne training focused on unusual attudes, and sound situa- tonal awareness in the cockpit. WASHINGTON B Building a Plan for Your Career Path in Aviaton Jessica Pruss, Rosa Lee Argotsinger Expand your knowledge of the career opportunites avail- able in aviaton today. Hear from two talented leaders representng Textron Aviaton who have built successful careers out of a passion for aviaton. Their experiences span a diverse range of felds, from fight operatons to sales and marketng. In aviaton there is no limit to where you can take your career. FRIDAY 1:45–2:45 p.m. RYMAN BALLROOM A Health and Fitness TENNESSEE A Corporate Aviaton TENNESSEE B Generatonal Diversity TENNESSEE D Flight-Plan Your Life Plan LINCOLN A The Story-Keepers LINCOLN E Aviaton Outreach JACKSON B Self-Esteem, Self-Defense JACKSON F Troubleshootng WASHINGTON B Machado Defensive Flying JACKSON C Families in Flight 3:00–4:00 p.m. RYMAN BALLROOM A Collegiate Workshop TENNESSEE A Airline Pilot Panel TENNESSEE B Aviaton Law TENNESSEE D Wildly Improbable Goals LINCOLN A Air Force Reserve Pilot LINCOLN E Career Mapping JACKSON B AeroInnovate JACKSON F Upset Preventon WASHINGTON B Building a Plan 4:15–5:15 p.m. RYMAN BALLROOM A ADS-B TENNESSEE A Leadership Lessons TENNESSEE B Financial Success TENNESSEE D Résumés LINCOLN A Status of Women Faculty LINCOLN E 25 Pilot Mistakes JACKSON B Angels Three JACKSON F Unmanned Aviaton WASHINGTON B WASP of World War II

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