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MAR-APR 2016

Aviation for Women is the flagship member publication of Women in Aviation International. Articles feature women who have made aviation history, professional development ideas, and current-topic articles.

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38 Aviation forWomen 2 7 T H A N N U A L I N T E R N A T I O N A L W O M E N I N A V I A T I O N C O N F E R E N C E S A T U R D A Y E D U C A T I O N S E S S I O N S Saturday sessions sponsored by American Airlines, American Airlines Federal Credit Union, and Envoy Air Inc. 4:15–5:15 p.m. RYMAN BALLROOM A German Flying Girl: Elly Beinborn Natasha Munch Germany, 1930: From school dropout to internatonally acclaimed superstar and multple world record holder, El- ly's story proves that it is worth it to dream big and believe in yourself. TENNESSEE A Experience Success on Your Own Terms Corine Kumano, Bety Smith, Juanita Leal, Beverly Ferrell Shaping your career and seeking new opportunites to grow within the aviaton industry. TENNESSEE B Combat Drones: A Pilot's Perspectve Lt. Col. Gabrielle Thorp, Col. Julie Tizard Hear about inital training, day-to-day fight operatons, and real-world mission experience fying the most ad- vanced remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs). Learn more about the sophistcated command and control aspect of military drone fight operatons and the future of Air Force RPVs. TENNESSEE D Weather Clinic Confdental— Thunderstorm Hazards Mike Cetnich With summer fying also comes thunderstorms, and with them comes lightning, hail, strong winds (including up- drafs and downdrafs), torrental rains, low visibility, and even tornadoes. We'll help you beter understand the en- vironmental conditons required for thunderstorms—the various cloud types and development stages—and show you how to get more from all the thunderstorm forecast- ing, reportng, and detecton tools at your disposal. LINCOLN E Chart Clinic Confdental— Unusual Approaches Emmy Jacobson The term "unusual approaches" conjures up images of Aspen, Bozeman, Jackson Hole, and just about every air- port in Alaska. But unusual approaches are just as com- mon in places like Baltmore, Boston, and New York. They're everywhere and can turn a standard approach into a head scratcher at the most inopportune tme. We'll talk about the terrain, obstacles, and airspace designs that turn standard approaches into the unusual. JACKSON B Surviving Engine Failures and Fires in Flight Gary Reeves Learn how you can survive these two worst-case scenar- ios. This hands-on, entertaining session is based on the real-life experiences of the master instructor and you will leave with valuable tools to help you survive. JACKSON F The Sky Is Not the Limit With an Aerospace Engineering Degree Jill Meyers Ever wonder what an aerospace engineer does all day? This session will cover diverse opportunites in the aero- space industry and review what it takes to get this chal- lenging degree. SATURDAY 1:45–2:45 p.m. RYMAN BALLROOM A Human Factors TENNESSEE A Women Military Aviators TENNESSEE B FAA Drug and Alcohol TENNESSEE D Lead With Enthusiasm LINCOLN A Maximizing Pensions LINCOLN E Great Britain to Australia JACKSON B Air Force Applicaton JACKSON F Stalls, Spins, and Safety 3:00–4:00 p.m. RYMAN BALLROOM A Therapy Dogs TENNESSEE A Women in Naval Aviaton TENNESSEE B The Lost WASP TENNESSEE D Data Hoarding LINCOLN A Wings for Val LINCOLN E FAA Enforcement Actons JACKSON B Aviaton Safety Reportng JACKSON F Interview Process 4:15–5:15 p.m. RYMAN BALLROOM A German Flying Girl TENNESSEE A Success on Your Terms TENNESSEE B Combat Drones TENNESSEE D Thunderstorm Hazards LINCOLN E Unusual Approaches JACKSON B Engine Failures and Fires JACKSON F Aerospace Engineering

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