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MAR-APR 2018

Aviation for Women is the flagship member publication of Women in Aviation International. Articles feature women who have made aviation history, professional development ideas, and current-topic articles.

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36 The 29th Annual International Women in Aviation Conference M A R C H 2 2 - 2 4 , 2 0 1 8 Saturday Education Sessions • March 24 Sponsored by NaƟonal Business AviaƟon AssociaƟon 1:45-2:45 p.m. Landing Your Dream Job Panel Convention C4 Angie Marshall, Capt. Paul Ryder, F.O. Sara Wilson Want to land your dream piloƟng job? You've got sƟff compeƟƟon. But don't worry, our panel of ex- perts have been there and will help you stand out from the crowd. Corporate AviaƟon Career Panel Convention C1 Moderator: Ava Shubat Panel: Robin Bray, Jacqueline Charles-Spears, Lara Gaerte, Angela Jennings, Karin Muller, Jamie SanƟago Learn about different career opportuniƟes in busi- ness/corporate aviaƟon. This interacƟve discussion will feature each panelist's path to their career, quality of life, work/family balance, job saƟsfacƟon, reasons for a career in corporate aviaƟon, and example of a typical workday. Flying While Pregnant: Making an Informed Decision Convention C2 Panel: Jacque Boyd, Ph.D., F.O. Mikhael Madello, Capt. Kathy McCullough, Capt. Aileen Watkins Each woman and each pregnancy is unique. Some stop flying immediately, while other choose to conƟn- ue. Medical and policy issues will be discussed, which will help women make an informed decision. The Impostor Phenomenon: Are You Affected? Convention C3 Alisoun McCloughen, Dawn Newman Do you give credit to luck, Ɵming, or others for your accomplishments? Do you use self-limiƟng language? You may be affected by the impostor phenomenon. Come learn how to embrace your strengths. Night Witches and Soviet Female Fighter Pilots of WWII Convention D1 JusƟne Saracen, Col. Julie Tizard Learn about the Soviet all-female aviaƟon corps in World War II Russia, its origins in dire necessity, its accomplishments against overwhelming odds, and the stories of some of its heroines. PerspecƟve Versus PercepƟon: You Didn't Hear What I Said I Meant Convention D3 Tim Lewis A discussion of how social, poliƟcal, cultural, and emoƟonal drivers distort the communicaƟon in a global environment, including interacƟve learning and tools on how we can prevent miscommunicaƟon. Road to Air Force Wings Convention D4 Maj. Monica Riggs, Maj. John Kerrigan As Air Force pilots, the presenters will share their experiences and provide guidance on the applicaƟon process to become an Air Force pilot in each compo- nent: acƟve duty, Reserves, and Air Guard. Checkride-IƟs; How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety Convention D5 JaneƩe McMurtrie, Ph.D. Acquire the tools to strengthen your confidence, low- er anxiety, and manage the negaƟve effects leading to checkride-iƟs. The session is for pilots and future avia- tors providing insight into preparaƟon for a success- ful checkride. Look Up! Clouds Tell a Story Convention D6 Veronica Cote Cloud varieƟes and supplemental formaƟons can tell us a great deal about what we can expect when we climb into the sky. Discover the secrets clouds hide in plain sight. MARCH 22-24 2018 Reno WAI 2018 Saturday, March 24 1:45-2:45 p.m. Dream Job C4 Corporate AviaƟon C1 Flying While Pregnant C2 Impostor Phenomenon C3 Soviet Night Witches D1 PerspecƟve vs PercepƟon D3 Air Force Wings D4 Checkride-iƟs D5 Clouds Tell a Story D6 Saturday, March 24 3-4 p.m. Learning to Lead C4 Be a Mechanic C1 Military to Commercial C2 Inspire Winning Teams C3 Defrag Your Brain D1 Alaska Flying D4 AviaƟon Marriage D5 Just a Private Pilot D6

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