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MAY-JUN 2018

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8 AviationforWomen M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 8 M y North Texas Chapter recently host- ed a tour of the DFW Center ATC fa- cilities. We had a capacity crowd, and packed the various control rooms, weather briefing spaces, and later, a restaurant for an early dinner. The tour was eye opening. My brain could not comprehend how the control- lers were able to keep all the data in front of them straight, aircraft separated, requests answered, weather considered, with professionalism and courtesy. I'm a pilot, so not a stranger to com- plex systems, multitasking, and technology—but the tour really highlighted how amazing the ATC system and the ATC professionals are. The mix of WAI members that gathered for the tour and the vast number of aviation profession- als that make up the chapter was equally thought provoking. As we went around the room and in- troduced ourselves, I counted 15 different pro- fessions—and only one was a pilot. Why is this important? For many reasons, but I'd like to talk about two in particular: The first is many peo- ple still assume that WAI is only for pilots, and the second is the impact this diversity can have on the next generation, or even on more mature women looking for a career change. Gathered around the room were pilots, aircraft sales professionals, aircraft insurance underwrit- ers, CPAs who specialize in the finances of avia- tion professionals, air traffic controllers, flight school owners, a nurse, maintenance managers, wealth managers, aviation marketing pros, flight attendants, gate/ticket agents, aircraft accident investigation team members, retired members of the military, and small business owners. The chapter, and the entire WAI membership, repre- sents an amazing cross-section of the aerospace community. We illustrate the concept "If you can dream up a job, you can do it in the aviation world." All of those various professions are rep- resented in the WAI membership and include ed- ucators, engineers, lawyers, journalists, artists, physicists, astronauts, museum curators, CEOs, medical doctors, and more. Take that diversity one step further. If you put all of these amazing and accomplished women in front of students and young professionals who are looking for their place in the future—we've cre- ated a powerful group of positive role models. We probably all remember mentors we met along our own aviation journey to help ignite that passion or a lifelong career. WAI can do that for others, regardless of a person's phase of life. Communities across the world are hungry for this kind of interaction. This is one of the rea- sons our Girls in Aviation Day has grown to over 10,000 attending girls annually in a few short years. Led by the creative efforts of the WA I chapter network—parents, troop leaders, teach- ers, counselors, and others see the opportunity to introduce girls to amazing aerospace profes- sionals, as well as the careers and lifestyles asso- ciated with our industry. Connect with your local WAI chapter to be- come engaged, and be inspired. In addition to holding a Girls in Aviation Day event, chapters are active all year long with social events, tours, and other activities. Schools, affiliated girls orga- nizations, and companies, such as Microsoft and others, are always looking for aviation speakers and role models to participate in their respective events. Through your local WAI chapter, you'll fit right in, and have a way to give back to this won- derful community we are all a part of. ✈ 15 Different Professions W A I C H A P T E R S M O L L Y M A R T I N Welcome New Provisional Chapters! Winged Warriors (University of Waterloo) Waterloo, Ontario, Canada President: Jodie Scarrow Vice President: Natalie Smith Secretary: Khadija Safi Treasurer: Alessandra Bishai Membership Chair: Kathleen Warren Outreach Chair: Melanie Heins Advisor: Dr. Ian McKenzie Chapter Contact Info: Jodie Scarrow 905-399-5485 Email: j2scarrow@uwaterloo.ca Bowling Green Bowling Green, Ohio President: Paige Billetz Vice President: Mayra Kodman Secretary: Katelynn Ramp Treasurer: Jenna Flanigan Membership Chair: Santana Davis Outreach Chair: Rai Stencel Advisor: Dr. Russell Mills Chapter Contact Info: Dr. Russell Mills 419-372-7329 Email: millsrw@bgsu.edu MIDDLE EAST CHAPTER The WAI Middle East Chapter will hold its Third Annual Women in AviaƟon Middle East General Assembly held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, president of Dubai Civil AviaƟon Authority, chairman of Dubai Airports, chairman and chief execuƟve of Emirates Airline and Group. The 2018 Women in AviaƟon Middle East Conference will highlight the achievements of women in aviaƟon globally, opportuniƟes for them in the region, and case studies on how to integrate them further into the workforce. The conference is on May 9, 2018, and is held alongside with Dubai Airport Show. See coverage at hƩps://www.TheAirportShow.com/discover/women-in-aviaƟon ✈

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