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30 The 29th Annual International Women in Aviation Conference M A R C H 2 2 - 2 4 , 2 0 1 8 MARCH 22-24 2018 Reno WAI 2018 Friday Education Sessions • March 23 Sponsored by Jeppesen 1:45-2:45 p.m. Women in Combat OperaƟons Convention C4 Moderators: Col. Ret. Kathy Cosand, Lt. Col. Jasmin Silence, USAF Panelists: Col. Buf Burkel, USAF; Major Eleanor Morgan, USAF; Col. April Skou, U.S. Army; LTJG BeƩy Pina, Coast Guard; Capt. Rachael Winiecki, USAF Real-world female military pilots from varying com- bat aircraŌ share their experiences flying combat mis- sions, training, aircraŌ capabiliƟes, and missions they have flown. Mission planning/preparaƟon, command/ control/communicaƟon, conƟngency operaƟons, fam- ily, and social issues will also be covered during this panel discussion. Prepping Your AircraŌ for the Air Race Classic Convention C1 LyneƩe Ashland, Lara Gaerte Geƫng ready for the 2018 Air Race Classic? We will detail a Ɵmeline, maintenance requirements, and air- plane preparaƟon to have your airplane race ready for the Sweetwater, Texas, start. Your Personal Wingman Panel Convention C2 F.O. Ellen Brinks, Capt. Isabelle Caron, Capt. Louise Cullinan, F.O. John Taylor Pilots' lives can be stressful. To help keep aviators in the air, our expert panelists—pilots like you—will dis- cuss the process for navigaƟng accidents/incidents, FAA medical cerƟficaƟon issues, DUI/DWI, and other life-changing events. Dialects of AviaƟon—Aren't We All Speaking the Same Language? Convention C3 Michelle Crismore By exploring some common miscommunicaƟons, not only within a flight department, but also with air traffic control and airport operaƟons, parƟcipants can leave with tools to handle these communicaƟon breakdowns gracefully. Working Remotely: What You Need to Know About Drones Convention D1 Jillian Switzer Drones are a big business with a global market value of $127 billion. But "working remotely" means rat- ings, regulaƟons, and safe NAS integraƟon. AirMap's Jillian Switzer guides you through the basics. What Every Employee Should Know About the FAA's Drug & Alcohol TesƟng Program Convention D2 Kathleen Yodice This session will review FAA's requirements for tesƟng safety-sensiƟve employees, highlighƟng legal responsibiliƟes in selecƟng individuals for tesƟng, submiƫng to a test and its consequences, the proper tesƟng process, reporƟng and record keeping, and lessons learned. Thriving With the Millennial GeneraƟon Today and Tomorrow Convention D3 Roda Barket, Caroline Prado Join us for a dynamic and interacƟve forum that ex- plores the opportuniƟes and challenges that come with companies engaging the millennial generaƟon in today's workplace. Thunderstorm Hazards Convention D4 Mike CeƟnich Learn the theory and pracƟce to understand where thunderstorms develop and how to predict where they will be in the future. We will look at the various tools pilots can use to detect and predict thunder- storm acƟvity. Spaceports: Gateway to the Stars, and the Future Convention D5 Michelle L.D. Hanlon Are spaceports delusional paeans to a phantom galacƟc tourism industry or the drivers of a new space economy? This presentaƟon will evaluate the development and prospects of the commercial spaceport phenomenon. Hydraulics, Electrical, PneumaƟc, PressurizaƟon and More: DissecƟng the Big Jets! Convention D6 ChrisƟne Walsh Let's talk airplane systems! A transport airplane systems primer facilitated by an experimental test pilot. Decipher the language, walk through the components, and connect the dots between major airplane systems. Fight Stress and Find Serenity: Yoga in the Cockpit Convention D7 Lindsey OƩ, Ph.D. Even the most experienced pilot will encounter stress in the cockpit. Learn to use yoga techniques such as breath control, meditaƟon, and asanas, both on the ground and in the air to manage stress and be a more in-control and comfortable pilot. Friday, March 23 1:45-2:45 p.m. Women in Combat C4 Prepping for ARC C1 Personal Wingman C2 Dialects of AviaƟon C3 Working Remotely D1 Drug & Alcohol TesƟng D2 Thriving With Millennials D3 Thunderstorm Hazards D4 Spaceports D5 DissecƟng the Big Jets D6 Yoga in the Cockpit D7 Friday, March 23 3-4 p.m. Airline Pilot Panel C4 Military to Civilian C1 Ask ATC? C2 Six WAFS C3 Digital TransformaƟon D1 Onboard ConnecƟvity D2 ADS-B Mandate D3 Reno Air Races D4 Training Management D5 Plane to PublicaƟon D6 Emergency! D7 Friday, March 23 4:15 – 5:15 p.m. WASP Panel C4 Tools in the Toolbox C1 Airline Pilot Families C2 FBO Management C3 Understanding Unmanned D1 Legal Issues D2 Boeing 787-10 D3 AviaƟon Weather Center D4 AircraŌ Dispatcher D5 FBO OperaƟons D6

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