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JUL-AUG 2018

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J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8 Aviation forWomen 25 Apply Online! Scholarships may be applied for electronically through the WAI website, or by mail as indicated. Please submit your applicaƟon only when you have all of the necessary files ready. Some applicaƟons must be mailed, and some are online only. Please read the requirements carefully and look for these color-coded circles. aerospace/aeronautical, electrical, or mechanical engineering? 2. What is or has been your greatest life challenge, and how has it enriched your and/or someone else's life? 3. If someone else was to describe your greatest strength, what would it be and why, and what do you consider to be your strongest characterisƟc and why? 4. What has been your most memorable academic experience, and how did you handle this situaƟon? 5. Why are you the most qualified candidate for the Delta Air Lines Engineering Scholarship? (Scholarship value $5,000, estimated total value $7,000) United Airlines Tech Ops 2019 Open to WAI members who are seeking a degree in aerospace/aeronauƟcal engineering, aviaƟon main- tenance technology, or an A&P through an aviaƟon technician program. Applicants must either be currently enrolled or officially accepted into an aerospace/aeronautical engineering program, aviation maintenance tech- nology program, or aviaƟon technician program at an accredited university, college, or AMT school in the U.S. Must currently have a GPA of 3.0 or equiva- lent at the Ɵme of applicaƟon—either in high school or his or her current aerospace/aeronauƟcal engi- neering program, aviaƟon maintenance technology program, or aviaƟon technician program. Applicants must be a U.S. ciƟzen or eligible nonciƟzen. Appli- cants to provide copy of a college acceptance leƩer. In addition to academic transcripts, please sub- mit a 500- to 1,000-word essay, typed and double- spaced, addressing the following topics: 1. Who or what inspired you to pursue a degree/ca- reer in aerospace/aeronautical engineering or air- craŌ maintenance? 2. What career path would you like to take with United Airlines? Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the win- ner's educaƟonal insƟtuƟon. Funds can be used for tuiƟon, books, or fees related to obtaining the A&P from an AMT school in the U.S. (Scholarship value $1,500) Yukiko Howell Memorial STEM Scholarship The Washington State Chapter of WAI offers a $1,500 scholarship for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in memory of Yukiko How- ell. Yukiko taught math, science, and Japanese lan- guage for many years at Annie Wright School, a pri- vate school in Tacoma, Washington. AŌer obtaining her private pilot certificate, Yukiko taught weekly aviation lessons at her school, including the basics of flying. She advocated aviation in her school les- sons, emphasizing math and science proficiency as a means to achieve an exciƟng aviaƟon career. She used her own flight training and flight experience to motivate her students. Yukiko was a volunteer for the WAI Washington State Chapter scholarship com- miƩee and at local educaƟon and outreach events. In addiƟon to all WAI requirements, the applicant shall be pursuing higher educaƟon toward a STEM career or conƟnuing educaƟon STEM classes, be en- rolled in an accredited insƟtuƟon (includes two- and four-year colleges, technical institutes, certificate programs), have experience volunteering in STEM or aviation-related events and/or WAI activities in the previous year, and submit an essay that includes detailed explanaƟons of the applicants career plans, goals, and volunteer experiences. The scholarship must be expensed within one year of receipt and will be paid directly to an accredited program/insƟtuƟon. Funds may be applied to tuiƟon, books, or laboratory fees. STEM careers include but are not limited to science, engineering, air traffic con- troller, avionics technician, dispatch cerƟficaƟon, air- craŌ mechanic, meteorologist, or educator for STEM. Funds may not be used for housing, transportation, flight training, meals, or incidental expenses. (Scholarship value $1,500) D i s p a t c h e r S c h o l a r s h i p s ADF Dispatch Certificate Scholarship The Airline Dispatchers Federation in conjunction with Academy Col- lege (Blooming ton, Minnesota) is offering a scholarship to earn his or her aircraŌ dispatcher FAA 121 cer- Ɵficate. The scholarship is valued at $5,450 and will cover instrucƟon and training required to take the aircraŌ dispatch wriƩen test and checkride with an FAA 121 examiner for cerƟficaƟon. Scholarship re- cipient will be responsible for all wriƩen and oral examinaƟon fees. The recipient will be responsible and follow all of Academy College's rules and requirements, and will be responsible for the cost of FAA knowledge and practical testing, transportation to/from Academy College, lodging, and meals during his or her training. Applicants must be at least 23 years of age; able to read, speak, write, and understand the English lan- guage; and able to travel to and from training, have Ɵme available to aƩend training, and study without distracƟon from employer(s) for a period of 12 con- secuƟve weeks with pracƟcal tesƟng following the course compleƟon date. Must be U.S. ciƟzen or hold current authorizaƟon to live and receive educaƟon within the United States not to expire prior to De- cember 31, 2020. Applicants will be responsible for costs incurred if remedial training is needed due to lack of study or noncompliance with policies found within Academy College's instructional handbook. The recipient must schedule and complete his or her training with Academy College prior to December 31, 2020, or scholarship will be voided. The scholarship recipient must allow his or her image to be used in all promoƟonal material for ADF and Academy College. There is no promise of employment. (Scholarship value $5,450) Submit MAILED Applicatons Only Submit ONLINE Applicatons Only NEW for 2019

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