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J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8 Aviation forWomen 31 flight time, and a copy of current written test only for the certificate/rating sought. In your essay tell how the funds will be used, your goals, and other in- formaƟon you feel is relevant. One leƩer of recom- mendaƟon must be from a pilot who has flown with you. Applicants must be U.S. ciƟzens or have the le- gal right to work in the U.S. (Scholarship value $3,000) Keep Flying Scholarship– International 2019 The Keep Flying Scholarship was cre- ated aŌer 9/11 to offer an intermedi- ate level flight scholarship. For 2019, we are widening the scholarship to all international applicants. One scholarship will be awarded to an individual working on an instrument, commercial, mulƟengine, or flight instructor cerƟficate. Candidates must hold a private pilot cerƟficate and have 100 hours' flight Ɵme. In ad- dition, they must have passed all written exams for the cerƟficate sought that are required by the aviaƟon authority in their country. ApplicaƟon requirements, guidelines, as well as submission procedures and dates can be found at www.WAI.org/educaƟon/scholarships. In your es- say tell how the funds will be used, your goals, and any relevant informaƟon. One leƩer of recommen- daƟon must be from a pilot who has flown with you. (Scholarship value $3,000) L3 Commercial Training Solutions ATP CTP Scholarship The ATP CTP course is now required by the FAA for any pilot prior to taking the ATP knowledge test. The course is eight days and includes the ATP test. The course can be taken at either our Orlando, Flor- ida, or Las Vegas, Nevada, training centers. The scholarship will include all course fees. The recip- ient will be responsible for transportation to and from the training city, room, and board. The course includes four days/30 hours of academic training; three days/10 hours of simulator training; four hours of Level 4 FSTD; six hours of full-moƟon flight simulator; ATP knowledge test; and an eight-day program (with knowledge test). (Scholarship value $4,995) The Wings for Val Foundation Lt. Valerie Cappelaere Delaney Memorial Scholarship This scholarship is open to a female WAI member from any country, 18 years of age or older. Lt. Valerie Cappelaere Delaney lived her lifelong dream of be- coming a pilot, flying the EA-6B Prowler for the U.S. Navy. She was strong-willed, determined, faithful, compassionate, and approached any obstacle with the mindset to "adapt and overcome." The Wings for Val FoundaƟon raises money to support annual scholarships for young women pursuing ambitious careers in aviaƟon. Applicants are encouraged to re- search Lt. Delaney and draw similariƟes to her. FAA Class 1-3 medicals are preferred; BasicMed will be considered. Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the winner's flight school of choice and must be used within a year of receiving the award. (Scholarship value $5,000) LIFT Advanced Pilot Scholarship Ladies in Flight Training—LIFT is a Fa c eb o o k pa ge d e di c ate d to the positive encouragement and sup - port of women in all phases of flight training. The scholarship will be awarded to a deserving member of the page to as- sist ladies in earning their wings. The scholarship may be used for instrument, commercial, mulƟen- gine, seaplane, tailwheel, or CFI training. In addition to WAI requirements, the applicant must hold a private pilot certificate and at least a third- class medical or BasicMed. Must have o n e l e t te r o f r e c o m - mendaƟon from some- o n e w h o h a s f l o w n with you, and be an ac- tive member of the La- dies in Flight Training– LIFT Facebook page. All monies will be paid di- rectly to the school or instructor and must be used within one year. In your essay, ad- dress the following quesƟons: 1. What made you want to fly? 2. Why do you have a financial need?. 3. Why should you be chosen for this scholarship? 4. What are your aviaƟon goals? 5. What have you done to pursue your goals? 6. Do you have any notable achievements in aviaƟon? 7. If the scholarship requires travel to a training site, do you have the funds or ability to do so? 8. How has LIFT helped you to achieve your goals? 9. How do you plan to help others achieve their goals in aviaƟon? (Scholarship value $2,000) LIFT Mountain Flying Course Scholarship The Mountain Flying Course scholar- ship is being offered to offered to WAI members and acƟve members of La- dies in Flight Training–LIFT Facebook page. This course will be held at Van- Fleet AviaƟon in Hickory, North Carolina, at KHKY in a Cessna 172 to KGEV and back. The course includes 1.5 hours of ground school and approximately 1.5 hours of flight Ɵme. All monies will be provided directly to VanFleet Aviation. The student will be responsible for her own travel and accommodaƟons if necessary. Applicants must be female; an acƟve member of LIFT Facebook page; hold at least a private pilot certifi- Submit ONLINE ApplicaƟons Only The $5,000 Lt. Valerie Cappelaere Delaney Memorial Scholarship was awarded to La'Shanda Holmes of the U.S. Coast Guard in 2018. NEW for 2019 NEW for 2019 JOHN RIEDEL

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