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JUL-AUG 2018

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32 Aviation forWomen J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8 MARCH 14-16 2019 Long Beach WAI 2019 cate; either a third-class medical or BasicMed; and a U.S. ciƟzen due to TSA requirements. Please address in your essay how learning mountain flying will help you in your future aviaƟon goals. (Scholarship value $350) LIFT Private Pilot Scholarship In addiƟon to WAI requirements, ap- plicants must hold a student pilot or sport pilot cerƟficate and third-class medical. Must have one leƩer of rec- ommendation from someone who has flown with you, and be an acƟve member of the Ladies in Flight Training–LIFT Facebook page. The scholarship will be awarded to a deserving member of the LIFT page. All monies will be paid directly to the school and must be used within one year. Appli- cants must answer the following quesƟons in your essay: 1. What made you want to fly? 2. Why do you have a financial need?. 3. Why should you be chosen for this scholarship? 4. What are your aviaƟon goals? 5. What have you done to pursue your goals? 6. Do you have any notable achievements in aviaƟon? 7. If the scholarship requires travel to a training site, do you have the funds or ability to do so? 8. How has LIFT helped you to achieve your goals? 9. How do you plan to help others achieve their goals in aviaƟon? (Scholarship value $2,000) LIFT Spin Endorsement Scholarship This scholarship will help an aspiring CFI to earn her spin endorsement at one of three possible locaƟons. The student will be able to choose the type of aircraŌ depending upon the school chosen. Note: Spin endorsement is not guar- anteed but the student will be closer to earning it. All monies will be sent directly to the school chosen. Applicants must be a female U.S. citizen; an active member of Ladies in Flight Training–LIFT Facebook page; hold at least a private pilot cerƟficate and ap- propriate medical; have aspiraƟons to be a CFI; and address in your essay how the spin endorsement will you in your future goals. Recipient must be able to travel to and from the training site chosen. The schools include: Greg Koontz AviaƟon, Asheville, Alabama (Decathalon) We will cover cross-controlled stalls, accelerated stalls, and minimum recoveries. Full-blown spins and all the variants are presented. Leave under- standing how to prevent it all and get out of it all. Single-day/single-flight course. Includes all ground school. Qualifies for CFI spin endorsement. Twin City Barnstormers, Stanton, Minnesota (Stearman) Upgrade in package available at recipient's choice. Basic package includes two hours of ground and one hour of flight Ɵme in a Stearman. Bad Aƫtude LLC, Akron, Ohio (Super Decathalon) Includes a full aerodynamic review, spin dynamics, entry/recovery profile, and emergency egress brief. Flight training is done in FA A waivered aerobatic pracƟce area with traffic advisories provided by Ak- ron ATC. The flight porƟon averages one hour to one and a half hours in a Super Decathalon. Other schools to be announced. (Scholarship value up to $500) Lifting the Spirit Challenge Flight Scholarship This scholarship will be awarded to a WAI member who has undergone hardship (which may be physical, emoƟonal, or financial) and offers the applicant a unique way to challenge himself or herself and thus gain self-confidence and increased resiliency skills. The scholarship covers flight training up to the amount of $1,500, taking the student to the level of competency where they are able to control the aircraŌ on their own, while having an instructor in the aircraŌ. The selection will be based on information sub- miƩed in the WAI scholarship applicaƟon. (Scholarship value $1,500) The Martha King Scholarship for Female Flight Instructors A female pilot will receive assistance in achieving an initial flight instructor certificate or a new rating on her flight instructor cerƟficate, as well as lifeƟme ac- cess to the enƟre King Schools online course library of more than 85 courses. Martha and John King are co-chairmen of King Schools, the largest provider of online training for pilots from student through professional. A primary mission of King Schools is to support flight instruc- tors by preparing their clients for FAA knowledge tests and providing training insights through King's Flight Instructor Refresher Course. Martha is the first and only woman to hold every category and class of FAA raƟng on her pilot and in- structor certificates. She is active in many catego- ries, regularly flying everything from jets to piston airplanes and helicopters. Martha and John King have been champions for the cause of improving the risk management pracƟces of general aviaƟon pilots, and they speak to thousands of pilots each year on aviaƟon safety. The award includes $5,000 to apply toward an iniƟal CFI raƟng or any CFI add-on raƟng; access to the enƟre library of King Schools online courses for life (valued at $13,120); and FIRCs for life. Applicants must be women holding a current FAA commercial cerƟficate with an instrument raƟng, or a CFI cerƟficate. Applicants must submit all WAI scholarships requirements. (Scholarship value $18,120) NEW for 2019 NEW for 2019 NEW for 2019 Ted Mallory Memorial Scholarship A past board member of WAI, Ted Mallory was dedicated to the organizaƟon and to ensuring the availability of scholar- ships to provide opportuniƟes for individuals interested in learning to fly. The Ted Mallory Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a WAI member who is interested in pursuing a private pilot cerƟficate or instrument raƟng. (Scholarship value $250) Ted Mallory

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