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38 Aviation forWomen J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8 Pratt & Whitney Engine Maintenance Training Scholarships (6) Pratt & Whitney will award a total of six engine maintenance training scholarships to individuals pursuing careers in aviaƟon maintenance. Winners will have the opƟon to aƩend any one of the com- mercial engines maintenance training courses of- fered by Pratt & Whitney, such as system familiar- ization, borescope, or line and base maintenance on the JT8D, PW2000, PW4000, PT6, PT100, or the newest PW1100G engine series. The PraƩ & Whitney Maintenance Training Schol- arship can be redeemed at the P&W Customer Training Center in East Hartford, Connecticut. For small P&W engine training (P&W Canada engines), the training will take place at a Flight Safety Interna- Ɵonal (FSI) facility (locaƟon this is most convenƟon for the recipient). Hotel accommodations and airfare within the U.S. are covered as part of the maintenance train- ing scholarship; internaƟonal recipients will aƩend training at the nearest FSI facility. (Scholarship value $3,000-$6,500 each depending on course taken) Southwest Airlines Maintenance Training Scholarships (2) Southwest Airlines is pleased to offer two individ- ual maintenance training scholarships. The recipi- ent may choose from the following courses: two- week 737-70 0/80 0 systems class or one -week 737-700/800 avionics class. Included in the scholar- ship is a round-trip Ɵcket on Southwest Airlines to Dallas, hotel accommodations, and provisions for meals for the duraƟon of class. During the Ɵme the recipient is aƩending training he/she will meet with tech ops leaders; tour the DAL maintenance facility, headquarters, and NOC; shad- ow a supervisor in tech ops; and attend other fun Southwest Airlines events. In addiƟon to the WAI scholarship checklist items, the applicant must meet the following requirements: have an A&P cerƟficate or be an acƟve A&P student at the Ɵme scholarship is awarded and include an es- say (200 words or less) that explains his or her inter- est in aviaƟon. Recipient will have one year from the Ɵme awarded to redeem the scholarship. (Scholarship value $2,450-$4,250 depending on class choice) Tools for Aircraft Maintenance (TAM) Scholarship 2019 The TAM Scholarship was created aŌer sponsor Car- olyn Burton, an American Airlines mechanic, idenƟ- fied a need for providing tools to a female student starƟng out in aircraŌ maintenance. Carolyn will of- fer one tool scholarship for $2,500 worth of tools of your choice plus round-trip airfare. In addition, Snap-On Industrial is generously contributing an aviaƟon starter tool kit with a value of $2,500. This scholarship is specifically for the purchase of tools for a currently enrolled full-Ɵme female sophomore or junior student in maintenance training for air- frame and powerplant cerƟficates. This scholarship is not applied toward educaƟon costs—it is for tools only. Applicants must be U.S. ciƟzens or legal resi- dents. Finalists will be interviewed and must aƩend the 2018 InternaƟonal Women in AviaƟon Confer- ence in Long Beach, California, at the finalists' own expense except for airfare. In your essay please share your goals, experience in aviaƟon, and why you chose aircraŌ maintenance as your career. Applicants should show passion, teamwork, inspiraƟon, challenges in life, and strong characterisƟcs such as leadership qualiƟes, commu- nity involvement and/or volunteer work, and aca- demic standing. Include two recent single-page rec- ommendation letters. One letter should be from someone who has worked directly with you in the field, noƟng teamwork and apƟtude, and menƟon- ing a specific task that impressed the reference. Ad- diƟonally, proof of school aƩendance must be pro- vided along with grades to date. Also provide grades from academic faciliƟes aƩended prior to starƟng out in maintenance. The scholarship funds will be paid directly to Snap-On Industrial once your tools have been selected. The funds must be used by the end of 2019. (Scholarship value $5,000) United Airlines Tech Ops Scholarship (2) Open to WAI members seeking a degree in aero- space/aeronautical engineering, aviation mainte- nance technology, or an A&P through an aviation technician program. Applicants must either be currently enrolled or officially accepted into an aerospace/aeronautical engineering program, aviation maintenance tech- nology program, or aviaƟon technician program at an accredited university, college, or AMT School in the U.S. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or equivalent at the time of application—either in high school or their current aerospace/aeronauƟcal engineering program, aviation maintenance tech- nology program, or aviation technician program. Applicant must be a U.S. ciƟzen or eligible nonciƟ- zen. Applicant must provide copy of a college accep- tance leƩer. In addition to academic transcripts, please sub- mit a 500- to 1,000-word essay, typed and double- spaced, addressing the following topics: 1. Who or what inspired you to pursue a degree/ca- reer in aerospace/aeronauƟcal engineering or air- craŌ maintenance? 2. What career path would you like to take with United Airlines? Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the win- ner's educaƟonal insƟtuƟon. Funds can be used for tuiƟon, books, or fees related to obtaining the A&P from an AMT school in the U.S. (Scholarship value $1,500) HFI Maintenance Technician Certificate Scholarship This scholarship provides $2,500 to applicants who are in training to become aviaƟon maintenance technicians. Applicants must already be enrolled in a maintenance technician cerƟficate program at an FAA- approved Part 147 school or internaƟonal equivalent. (Scholarship value $2,500) NEW for 2019 MARCH 14-16 2019 Long Beach WAI 2019

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